ISO 27001, NEN 7510, ISAE 3405 type 1

ISO 27001

Duocast is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security in the context of general business risks. Duocast complies with the specific requirements of this standard, in the area of a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS). As a person involved in healthcare, we also comply with the NEN 7510 standard for information security, specifically for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands.

ISAE 3402 type 1

As of 2018 Duocast is ISAE 3402 certified. ISAE 3402 is an international assurance standard for reporting risk management procedures, specifically for services outsourced to a third party. In order to meet the ISAE 3402 Type I standard Duocast has had its risk management procedures reviewed and formally reported. As of 2018 Duocast is in possession of an ISAE 3402 Type I declaration detailing its risk management procedures.