Whether you need internet access or a cloud or cross connect to a supplier: Duocast has a solution for every problem.

Internet Access

In cooperation with Community Network Groningen we offer ultrafast fiber-optic internet for offices, office building and other commercial properties.

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Cloud Connect

Easily connect to the public cloud from your business location and/ or one of our data centers

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Access to all the digital services you need

In a digital world, connectivity is a basic requirement for any organization. This starts with internet access, but connections with private or public clouds, private connectivity and IP transit are also part of our portfolio. When you choose one of our connectivity services, we take care of your direct connection to the internet. For example, we provide internet access (fiber-optic) for office locations. You can also contact us for IP Transit, or a connection to a public and/or a private cloud.

Private connectivity: fast and secure

For many daily applications, an internet connection via fiber broadband is sufficient. But some data require other solutions, for example because of the nature of the data, the nature of the application or the quantity of data. Private connectivity, which does not use the public internet, offers a solution. Duocast offers the possibility to have your own WDM channel, an MPLS connection or Ethernet connections.

Duocast has a dark fiber ring within the city of Groningen between TCN Datahotel Groningen and the NLDC/KPN datacenter in Westpoort. This connection runs via the data center d’Root in a ring around the city of Groningen, which enables us to guarantee the connection between TCN and NLDC. SAN replication over fiberchannel between TCN Datahotel Groningen and NLDC Westpoort is also possible.