IP transit

Internet without limitations

Do you have your own network with an AS number? In that case you can make use of our IP transit service to guarantee the reliability of your service. Routing takes place using the BGP protocol.

Calculation method

You can purchase IP Transit from us based on ‘the burstable billing method’, also known as ‘the 95th% method’. This means that every five minutes, we measure how fast your data goes through the line. At the end of the month, we sort these measurements from high to low. Then we skip the highest five percent of the measurements. The first measurement after that five percent is the value for invoicing.

How does 95th% burstable billing work?

Let’s suppose you purchase a burstable billing connection at 1Gbps. On average you need 10Mbit 95%th for your daily traffic, this consumption is charged monthly. But once in a while you have a considerable peak in the need for bandwidth, for example when launching a campaign on your website that consumes 800Mbit at 95th%. With the 1 Gbps connection you can easily scale up, and if this peak falls within the 5% highest readings, there are no extra costs. Even when you use more bandwith for a longer period, let’s say 800Mbit for a week, you are not immediately tied to a scaled-up contract, but only pay for this period.


  • IP Transit based on full BGP feed or static routed
  • IP Transit Bandwidths from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Option for a 24/7 SLA
  • Bandwidth statistics available online
  • Available on all Duocast fiber-optic connections
  • Also available at all Duocast data center locations
  • IPv4 and IPv6
Duocast IPtransit BGP