Excelling in continuity

Duocast offers a total package for your IT infrastructure: from hosting to housing and the associated connectivity

At Duocast we are happy to realize the best solutions in the field of housing, hosting and internet. Excelling in continuity has become our motto. Over the years, our love for technology has enabled us to develop into a service provider with a strong focus on customers and quality. We always have an eye for your needs and the need for continuity.

Our origins

Duocast was founded in 2004, to provide organizations with internet via a high quality network. In the years that followed, we increasingly worked together with Adix, a specialist in hosting. We liked it so much that we joined forces in 2015 and Adix is now part of Duocast. This merger enables us to offer even better total solutions in the field of internet and hosting.

Our team

The people at Duocast are specialists in technology. Only professionals can realize optimal solutions is our motto. We ensure that technology works flawlessly. And if something does not go according to plan, we will quickly find a suitable solution.

Information security

Duocast is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security in the context of general business risks. Duocast complies with the specific requirements of this standard, in the area of a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS). As a person involved in healthcare, we also comply with the NEN 7510 standard for information security, specifically for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands.