GRONINGEN – june 27th, 2024

Duocast Connect+ enables companies to access the fastest fibre-optic broadband between the north of the Netherlands and Amsterdam

With the introduction of Duocast Connect+, Groningen-based IT infrastructure provider Duocast will establish the fastest broadband network between the north of the Netherlands and connectivity metropolis Amsterdam. The network has an initial capacity of 800 Gigabits per second which can be extended to 32 Terabits per second. Duocast Connect+ will launch this autumn.

Connecting the north and west of the Netherlands

uocast Connect+ is an initiative by Duocast and aims to better connect the northern and western parts of the Netherlands. Fabian Labohm, : “Duocast Connect+ turns high-quality data infrastructure between the north of the Netherlands and Amsterdam into an affordable and accessible service, making it available to many companies in the north of the Netherlands and beyond. From health, government and education to e-commerce and the latest AI applications. Amsterdam and Groningen have digital ecosystems that consist of various providers and buyers of Internet and Ethernet services. With Duocast Connect+, they can be connected effortlessly.”

Duocast Connect+ also provides opportunities for another growing issue.  “Due to a huge increase in the number of data centres over recent years, the Amsterdam region – where the major internet hubs are located – faces shortages in both energy supply and available public space. This has led companies to relocate to other places in the Netherlands. With our readily available capacity and attractive rates, the north of the Netherlands can now truly become ‘Greater Amsterdam’ in terms of data,” Labohm says.


High technical quality and DWDM technology

Duocast has worked with two top-tier partners to realize Duocast Connect+. Nokia supplies the latest equipment, while Relined manages the actual fibre cables. The high technical quality and DWDM technology ensure optimum bandwidth and minimum latency. Duocast Connect+ is unique in offering readily available capacity, sharp rates, and the ability to expand when necessary. Labohm: “Quality broadband networks were already available outside of the Randstad, but usually only as high priced customised solutions with lengthy delivery times and unfavourable latency. Duocast Connect+ introduces an affordable solution that does not compromise on speed, redundancy and latency.”



The launch of Duocast Connect+ will proceed over several phases. During the first phase, larger data centres QTS and NorthC in Groningen will be connected to Nikhef and Equinix AM7 in Amsterdam, as well as DCF2 in Leeuwarden and Cellnex in Lelystad. After completion of the first phase, 10Gbps and 100Gbps connections can be supplied in as little as one working day. In the following phases the capacity will be expanded to a maximum of 32 Tbps.

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About Duocast

Duocast is a connectivity and IT infrastructure specialist based in the Netherlands. Duocast delivers its services both on-site and from 10 multi-tenant data centres across the country. Its customers include large web shops, software developers, municipalities, healthcare organisations and online service providers. Duocast is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 (medical information) certified.

Since its founding in 2004, Duocast’s engineers have specialised in designing, building and managing mission-critical IT infrastructures. In addition, the company provides colocation services that include twin data centre set-ups, private, hybrid and public cloud solutions and private internet connectivity. Whether our customer requires hosting, housing or connectivity, Duocast will develop the best possible technological solution. Want to know more about Duocast? Check, call +31 50 210 36 00 or send an email to
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