NBA Services

Networking and Connectivity Services

NBA Services (NBAS), headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands, is very proud of its independent position. The company provides networking services and connectivity as well as VoIP and web hosting. NBAS operates independently of providers, vendors or suppliers and NBAS is emphatically not a reseller. The mission of NBAS is to create a more transparent market for international enterprise networking.

An interplay of expertise

“NBAS exclusively works with partners that strengthen our independence,” says Danny Witschge, CTO at NBAS. “Duocast is definitely one of those partners and we have a long collaborative history. Duocast provides very specific services, such as IP Transit, DNS services and web hosting. In addition, Duocast is very knowledgeable when it comes to networking hardware and network architectures. We can rely on them in the rare occasion where we lack specific expertise. From a business standpoint, it does not always make sense for us to train employees to become experts in every type of hardware or networking use case. Being able to draw upon the expertise of Duocast in those cases is very convenient for us.”

Most of NBAS’ customers are medium-sized enterprises with an international footprint and multiple locations in need of reliable connectivity. NBAS is able to service a wide range of use cases, ranging from relatively simple point-to-point connectivity or internet access to international WAN configurations, MPLS based IP-VPN and VoIP. NBAS also manages infrastructures such as fiber-optic networks. Due to this wide range of services, customers can confidently procure virtually any connectivity from NBAS.

24×7 availability

Because of the international scope of NBAS, support needs to be available around the clock.  NBAS therefore has to be able to rely on its suppliers and partners and needs to be certain that they have a similar 24×7 mindset. Witschge: “It is very important for the continuity of our services that our partners understand a 9 to 5 mentality will not cut it. Luckily, Duocast understands our business like no other. We have always been able to call on them when needed, even if the matter at hand is not very urgent. We recognize ourselves in Duocast’s flexibility and we are convinced this similarity is one of the reasons why our collaboration is so successful.”