Duocast has expanded its network to QTS Eemshaven


Duocast has expanded its network to QTS Eemshaven

As of June 26th 2020 the new Duocast PoP (Point of Presence) in the Eemshaven data center of QTS is fully operational. The PoP extends the available connectivity solutions for customers of QTS in this data center. The new PoP enables Duocast to meet the growing demand for high bandwidth and low latency connectivity services in this data center.

Large companies and cloud platforms are now able to connect to a plethora of networks from QTS’ Eemshaven data center via the Duocast PoP. The PoP offers them low latency connectivity with high bandwidth. This is especially useful for organizations that place high demands on stable, ultra fast connectivity, such as those in healthcare, government, and e-commerce. With the new PoP in data center Eemshaven, Duocast meets their demands.

Our entire service portfolio is available through the PoP in the Eemshaven data center: IP Transit, DIA (Direct Internet Access), Cloud Connect (Google Cloud, Amazon Azure, Microsoft Azure) and MPLS transport from Eemshaven to all other Duocast PoPs, and Colocations. Managed hosting and cloud services are also available in the PoP in the Eemshaven data centre of QTS.

Floor area of 10,498 m2

Duocast already has a PoP in the data center of QTS in Groningen. Combined, the QTS data centers in Groningen and Eemshaven have 14,678 m2 of floor space with 30 megawatts of capacity. The QTS data center in Groningen has a square space of 4,180 m2. QTS’ Eemshaven data center is vastly larger, with a surface area of 10,498 m2.

The presence of PoPs in both QTS data centers in Groningen and Eemshaven, gives companies in this region extensive opportunities for connectivity.

The geographical spread of Duocast PoPs in various data centers offers opportunities for a twin data center concept, so that companies can continue their day-to-day operations in the event of disruptions or outages at one of the data centers.


Redundant fibre optic connection

Duocast chooses to only expand its network to data centers if full redundancy is possible: eg. via at least two geographically separated fibre optic routes to two other Duocast PoPs. QTS Eemshaven is therefore redundantly connected to the Duocast network.

All data centers from which Duocast offers its services are designed and built according to at least Tier III standards. This international standard indicates that the data center has facilities to continue to function in the event of calamities.