Dedicated hosting

A dedicated server, servers or platform to optimally serve your customers or the needs of your organization.

Dedicated server

For non-critical applications or websites, a shared hosting environment may be sufficient. But if the performance of your platform, web applications or websites is essential to your business, dedicated servers are the best choice. We offer advice and take care of the implementation, tailored to the needs of your company or organization.

Managed hosting

If you don’t want to worry about your hosting environment, you opt for managed hosting and management. We take care of the design, monitoring, periodic maintenance and updates to your environment. The possibilities are endless: we have extensive knowledge of and experience with Linux, Windows, VMware, Azure and AWS, and are also highly experienced with the networking equipment of Juniper Networks or Cisco, for example. Naturally, we monitor your platform 24/7 and intervene immediately in the event of calamities.

Twin data center

If 24/7 availability of your IT is an requirement, it is wise to consider a twin data center solution. This enables an identical set-up of your IT to be realized at two geographically separate locations, which are connected by means of a redundant, private fiber-optic connection. You can choose active/passive or active/active replication of your environment to create a solid fallback option. With data centers in both Amsterdam and Groningen, Duocast offers several possibilities for twin data center installations.